I studied photography, and after a short time, I found myself working and expressing my feelings through the language of video. I consider myself as a “photovideographer”: I love bringing in video the care and attention for framing and lighting, typical of photography. On the other side, I love bringing into photography the flow, the movement and the idea of becoming, typical of video. Mine, My style is a sort of reportage. I love black and white, I love details, I love stolen looks, I love those moments that you won’t remember have happened. I love customising my product on an emotion and being able to give back this emotion my way. Actually I live in Barcelona, I work both in Italy and in Spain, but I’m glad to be anywhere you need me to be!



I have been working in media and advertising for 15 years, I’m an album storyteller, I design wedding invitations, parties, events and all the graphic material that surrounds them. I work with creativity, competence and method. I coordinate all the projects in every step, from the creative study to the final realization. I’m fascinated by the different types of papers, by fonts and by the printing methods. I like experiencing always different styles through colours, forms and materials, to communicate in an original and refined way. I love creating a lay out of real stories, telling the most beautiful emotions, I’m passionate for creating something unique, personal and unforgettable.